Q: What kind of positions do you book?
A: Coulon Casting is a full service casting company.  In other words, we cast ALL ‘on camera positions’.  These positions include Background Extras, Featured Extras, Specialty Extras, Photo doubles, Body doubles, Stand-ins, and Principal (speaking roles)

Q: What is a Background Extra?
A: A Background Extra works on camera to help us make scenes feel more real and full.  For example: If a scene is taking place in a restaurant the background extra would be a patron at a table in the restaurant.

Q: What is a Featured Extra?
A: A Featured Extra works on camera just as a Background Extra but will be featured.  For example: If a scene is taking place in a restaurant the Featured Extra would be the hostess seating our ‘Stars’ or sitting at the same table as the actors with dialogue.

Q: What is a Specialty Extra?
A: A Specialty Extra works on camera just like the other Extras but will also be featured doing a special skill or talent.  For example: If a scene is taking place in a restaurant this type of Extra would be performing a skill such as “flare bartending”.

Q: What is a Photo Double?
A: A Photo Double or Body Double works on camera as well and is cast because of their likeness physically to match an existing actor already in the film.  For example: If a scene is taking place in a restaurant we may hire a Photo or Body Double to wear identical wardrobe to our already established ‘star’ or ‘principal’ and use the back or side of your head and or body to film shots from a point of view that doesn’t see the actors face.  Wide shots of you walking into the restaurant etc.  There may also be tight shots of  your hands picking up a wine glass or unfolding your napkin.  Essentially this role helps us to ‘double’ the actors screen time with creating two of them!

Q: What is a Stand in?
A: A ‘Stand In’ is a vital part of helping every production run more efficiently for all involved!  While on set you may be referred to by your name, the character’s name, 2nd team, stand in, the actor’s name you are standing in for or even a nickname.  This position if an off camera position but requires a lot of attention, punctuality, dependability and a positive, helpful attitude. (To learn more about what is required of a Stand In please see Tips For Standing In below)

Q: What is a Principal Role?
A: Principal Roles are again a ‘on camera’ role that has dialogue so it is often also called a speaking role.

Q: How do I get involved?
A: Coulon Casting is a full service casting company that books all ‘on film’ positions. We are always looking to hire dependable, positive, punctual people to be background extras, featured extras, specialty extras, photo doubles, body doubles, and stand ins.  To get involved in these on camera roles create a profile at  Register, customize your profile, then submit yourself for jobs!

Q: How do I become eligible for Principal or Speaking roles?
A: If interested in working with us a principal actor or “speaking role”.  You will need to be submitted by a talent agent and considered by our Director and Casting Director.  From your submittal (if selected) you will join us for the live audition process and go from there. (For a list of local talent agencies visit the resources page.)

Q: How do I get an agent?
A:  If you are looking for talent representation see the list of local Louisiana agents on our resources page.  If you’ve already begun building your acting community, talk with your friends about agencies, workshops, training, etc.  You’ll need a professional headshot and experience.

Q: How do I get acting experience?
Take workshops, get training, work with multiple acting coaches, etc.
Here are a few Facebook groups and pages you may wish to join and / or ‘like’ to stay in the loop about workshops and other events.
Acting Workshops Facebook Group
Coulon Casting Facebook Group Facebook Page
Glorioso Casting Facebook Group


A ‘Stand In’ is a vital part of helping every production run more efficiently for all involved!  While on set you may be referred to by your name, the characters name, 2nd team, stand in, the actor’s name you are standing in for or even a nickname.

Your most important job is to LISTEN at all times!  Listen for any of the ‘names’ listed above and listen as direction, blocking, or even camera intentions are happening.  You need to know where to be at all times.  Stay as close to set as possible without getting in the way and always be on the ready when you are called.  It is important to stay near so that you don’t miss your cue, or miss out on changes that may occur.  You will often just ‘stand’ on a specific mark for lighting and camera purposes, but there are some directors that may ask you to run the blocking for them as well.

If you are on a set where you feel you are in the way, ask a PA where a monitor or “video village” is located so that you can watch the scenes while you are not there.  If the monitors or video village are to far away, then ask a PA where you should stay.  It is your job to let someone know AT ALL TIMES where you are.  In the event you may need to walk away for a call, or to use the restroom, get a snack, etc. you MUST let a PA (if not several) know that you are stepping away.


-Always wear closed toe shoes

-Arrive half hour to 40 mins early of your ‘call time’

-If you need to shuttle from parking to base camp or set-do so

-Once there you need to find a PA and check in.  Find out whom your ‘go to’ PA is as you will more then likely be checking in with them each day.  This will also be the person you contact should you be running late, have an emergency etc.  At this time, go ahead and get a set of sides from your PA or ask where you can get them.  Be sure to get your voucher for the day and don’t lose it.

-Once checked in you will need to go to Wardrobe to get your color cover.  If standing in for several consecutive days you might discuss with the wardrobe deptartment  if there is anything they need you to bring.  This will allow you to come prepared with your own color cover helping them out tremendously, as well as saving you some time and steps.  It may also be a situation (ladies especially) that you will need to have or bring additional footwear.  Either bc of the scene or if we need to match your height.

-(where applicable) Go to hair/makeup should they have you wearing a wig or any prosthetics

-Depending on your call time and when the day got started, now is the ideal time for you to get food (If there is time!)

-NOW you are ready to go to set!!  (shuttle if need be)

-PUT YOUR CELLPHONE ON SILENT (some sets will not allow a cell phone at all)

-Find a spot near set and get ready for your day.  Take a look at the sides so you can get a general idea of how many scenes your character is in, if there is a change in location or “company move”.  Although most directors will not ask you to recite the dialogue, keep your sides on you at all times as they may want you to say some of the lines for timing.  This is also a good place to write down blocking notes if you need/want to.  (and if for nothing else, someone is ALWAYS looking for a set of sides and you could be a big help to someone else!

-Once the day begins you will just have to remember to LISTEN and be as close as possible.  Always aware of where the camera(s) is living, where you are needed, and what is expected of you. Remain quiet and pay attention.

-While standing in try not to fidget and listen for direction.  DO NOT LEAVE your mark until you are dismissed by production.  Even when the actor whom you are standing in arrives, simply allow them to take their place but stay nearby just in case.

-Once done with the day you will need to return any wardrobe items you’ve borrowed.  Again, check in with wardrobe to see if there is something you could bring on your own for the next day to help out.

-Get signed out (your voucher) with a PA and get a call sheet or call time for the next day if you are working.


Rubber boots (if it’s raining or your set is outdoors)

High heels to match the actress (for height)

Comfy shoes you can quickly slip in and out of

Jacket or long sleeves under shirt

Blankets are easy to keep warm or sit on and much faster when on the move

Book, Journal, quiet activity

Chair (a small folding chair)

Spf, bugspray



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